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Fury From The Deep SYNOPSIS:

Having landed in the sea the Tardis drew row ashore and are all shot by a tranquilizer gun near a gas pipeline. They awake to be interrogated by Controller Robson, the highly strung head of a gas refinery who is losing contact with his gas refinery rigs. His number Harris has them confined while the staff deal with the drop in gas pressure.

A heartbeat is detected in the pipeline by the engineers and rig worker van Luytens. Harris' wife is stung by a piece of seaweed and then overcome with toxic gas emitted by the sinister pair of Mr. Oak and Mr. Quill.Having escaped the Doctor finds from the staff the gas Impeller is near to stopping and Victoria is trapped in an oxygen room and confronted by a sentient seaweed creature. Robson dismisses the Tardis crew as saboteurs.

As the pressure drops from the gas rigs in the sea and the machinery threatens to stop, Robson refuses to shut the operation down and soon after, like Van Luytens is attacked by the seaweed. Both he and Maggie Harris are possessed by the weed creature which is slowly taking over the staff on the gas rigs transforming them into seaweed creature in the process.

Victoria is taken hostage by Robson to one of the rigs and as the seaweed expands and threatens to engulf the compound releasing it's deadly, noxious gas both Harris and the Doctor find from earlier examination of the weed that retreats from one thing, the high pitched noise of one of Victoria's screams which could prove to be the solution.

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Fury From The Deep DETAILS:

Episode Broadcast Run Time Viewership (In Millions)
Part One 16-Mar-68 24:54 8.2
Part Two 23-Mar-68 23:08 7.9
Part Three 30-Mar-68 20:29 7.7
Part Four 6-Apr-68 24:17 6.6
Part Five 13-Apr-68 23:40 5.9
Part Six 20-Apr-68 24:24 6.9

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Fury From The Deep CAST & CREW

The Doctor:
Patrick Troughton(Second Doctor)

Fraser Hines (Jamie McCrimmon)
Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield)

Guest Stars:
Victor Maddern — Robson
Roy Spencer — Frank Harris
June Murphy — Maggie Harris
John Abineri — Van Lutyens
John Garvin — Carney
Hubert Rees — Chief Engineer
Graham Leaman — Price
Richard Mayes — Chief Baxter
Margaret John — Megan Jones
Brian Cullingford — Perkins
Bill Burridge — Mr Quill
John Gill — Mr Oak
Peter Ducrow — Guard

Production Staff for Serial 6M:
Writer - Victor Pemberton
Director - Hugh David
Script editor - Derrick Sherwin
Producer - Peter Bryant

All 6 episodes Missing

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Fury From The Deep REVIEWS


Fury From The Deep...this shouldn't take long. Ok there's close to 8 minutes of clips if you check out the Lost In Time boxset. Always liked the book as a kid too think I remember this was about the longest novelisation of the show ever. But have never gone the audio CD.

Funny thing is from the existing material, there's a clip from about every episode except part 1, they all seem creepy. The Oak & Quill bit is disturbing, music and sound effects were eerie. the bits in the shaft look nasty and the weed creature is never really fully shown but the way it thrashes about and seems to be trying to just kill people.

Nice premise, nice setting, from the little we see of the characters they all appear to be acted well, from Robson, Van Luytens, and the Harrises on down...and you get Victoria leaving which was apparently one of the more moving companion leaving scenes in the show. We can only bemoan that this was lost and if any completely missing story would suddenly turn up it would be this one. I'll go 7/10


That is a pretty damn good scene of Mr Oak and Mr Quill appearing in Maggie's bedroom. Next to The Keys of Marinus episode with that guy in the snow wanting to slip it into Barbara, this is probably the only other scene in the series that came close to depicting rape. Now, I am basing this review on this one scene (the only surviving scene save a few off air recordings) but I have read the novel and heard a bit of the audio version too. There is a follow up scene to this of Maggie Harris walking into the sea as if to commit suicide which is also quite chilling. This is a bloody good piece of Dr Who and also a very good science fiction story in its own right. Victor Pemberton's story is first rate and the tension never lets up.

He actually first submitted Fury From The Deep as a radio play and this is probably why it works so well as an audio CD. In addition to this, he has written some very distinct characters such as Mr Robson who runs the oil rig, dutch oil rig consultant Van Lutyens who tries to act as the voice of reason and the nice and married couple the Harrises. It also benefits from being set in "the real world" which is to say an oil rig with real everyday people on it who are faced with an extraordinary problem.

Its to Pemberton's credit that he came up with something as threatening as the seaweed. I know that sounds weird but its worth getting the story and listening to. Most of season 5 were typical base-under-siege stories, but this one is a lot different due to the strength of the writing and the depth of the characters. And Victoria's leaving scene where she says goodbye to Jamie on the beach shits all over many other companion exits. 7.5/10

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Screen Shots:

Fury From The Deep Titles

Fury From The Deep Tardis lands

Fury From The Deep the Tardis crew

Fury From The Deep Mr Oak and Mr Quill

Fury From The Deep seaweed sample

Fury From The Deep the Doctor and Jamie

Fury From The Deep Maggie Harris

Fury From The Deep Pipeline blown

Fury From The Deep the Doctor

Fury From The Deep Mr Quill

Fury From The Deep nasty seaweed

Fury From The Deep Robson infected by seaweed

Fury From The Deep Van luytens dies

Fury From The Deep weed creature

Fury From The Deep Victoria taken hostage

Fury From The Deep weed creature attacks

Fury From The Deep Tardis crew defeat weed creature