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In a darkened office a mysterious figure is asking his assistant for some ideas for new artists they could take on, she suggests Tim Bisley and the man is identified as Damien Knox head of Darkstar comics who had laughed Tim Bisley out of his office but now decides to give Tim a second chance.

A nervous Tim is preparing to have his portfolio sent to Darkstar and his party mad bike messanger, Tyers arrives and takes the portfolio to the Darkstar offices. Unfortunately a somewhat lazy Daisy has accidentally put back an insulting sketch Tim drew of Damien Knox into the portfolio that Tim had taken out.

An angry Tim, with Mike and Tyers attempt to infiltrate Darkstar Comics offices to get the picture back without Damien or Sophie knowing while an annoyed Daisy is talked into taking a jog with Marsha despite her endorphine problem. While Brian lunches with his Mum attempting to keep up the lie that he's a lawyer and not an artist, until he learns about his Dad.



Tim Bisley: Simon Pegg
Daisy Steiner: Jessica Stevenson
Mike Watt: Nick Frost
Brian Topp: Mark Heap
Marsha Klein: Julia Deakin
Aida the Dog - Colin

Guest Stars:

Michael Smiley - Tyres O'Flaherty
Clive Russell - Damien Knox
Lucy Akhurst - Sophie
Rowena Cooper - Brian's Mum
Mike Hayley - Security Guard
Olivia Williams - Irate Cyclist

Production Staff:

Writers - Simon Pegg & Jessica Stevenson
Director - Edgar Wright
Executive Producer - Lisa Clark
Executive Producer - Tony Orston
Line Producer - Karen Beever
Producer - Nira Park



Tyers is back! Good to see the Irish raver returning to the Spaced team, this time in his day job of a bike messenger helping Tim jet his portfolio all over town. He's still suffering from Disco beat-itis, which enables him to imagine dance music coming from the most mundane items. He gets the pay off gag in this episode too.

Plus things start to look up for young Mr.Bisley with his potentially landing his dream job drawing for Darkstar Comics and getting getting a potential new girlfriend in dream girl Sophie who works at Darkstar. Since the restaurant fiasco Daisy's back on unemployment and has also potentially wrecked Tim's chance at a new career.

It's a run-around episode this one, quite literally, as Tim, Mike and Tyers team up to get back Tim's nasty sketch before his future boss sees it. In a way a homage to the old standard sitcom plight of "the-lead-character-has-some-dirty-laundry-potentially-embarassing-and-destructive-about-to-be-aired-to-just-the-wrong-people-at-the-wrong-time" scenario. An oft played tale maybe not explained with that many words but Spaced have put the 21st century spin on it for good measure.

Although it's the centerpiece of the episode the plots of Brian keeping the pretense to his Mum that he's a lawyer and not an artist and Daisy's endorphin problem the more released the more competitive she gets in any sport are neatly co-joined at the end with Colin nearly running into a car driving by Tim's possible new boss Damien Know - hey well with Damien written into that last scene it three-ties the plots neatly together.

Nice touches are the quick flash back to Brian's earlier story of how his childhood dog died and the black out moment when you think Daisy has possibly been hit by a car trying to save Colin from the same fate.

The Homage-o-emeter mainly shines on the Matrix and Sixth Sense in this episode with Bruce Willis's wife from that movie (played by Olivia Williams) making a cameo appearance although there is some alusions to Terminator 2 and Taxi Driver as well. The episode gets a special three thumbs up to the first appearance of the gorgeous Lucy Ackhurst as Damiens seductive assistant.


Favourite Bits:

Mikes plan to get into get into the Darkstar Comics office building.

Brian's terrible impersonation of a lawyer.

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