The Highlanders: Doctor Who: Season 4




The Highlanders SYNOPSIS:

The Tardis crew are captured by a clan fleeing the lost battle of Culloden. However English soldiers patrolling the area discover and capture the Doctor, Ben, the Laird and piper Jamie McCrimmon. Polly and the Laird's daughter Kirsty manage to flee but are still pursued by the patrol leader, lieutenant Ffinch.

The Doctor and his captured party manage to avoid being hung for treason and are to be illegally sold into slavery in the colonies by two corrupt officials, Grey and Trask who are running their own ships of convicts for money. The Doctor manages to slip away before the prisoners are sent aboard the ship and is reunited with Polly and Kirsty who managed to capture, blackmail and embarrass Lt.Ffinch.

The Doctor has to use a variety of guises to avoid the English guards and see if he, Kirsty and Polly can get the others off the ship. Ben is keelhauled for attacking his captors and the Doctor gambles with a ruse to convince Grey that Jamie is actually Bonnie Prince Charlie the officials are after whilst the others attempt to free all the prisoners aboard and cause a revolt before the ship can set sail.

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The Highlanders DETAILS:

Episode Broadcast Run Time Viewership (In Millions)
Part One 17-Dec-66 24:38 6.7
Part Two 24-Dec-66 23:41 6.8
Part Three 31-Dec-66 22:54 7.4
Part Four 7-Jan-67 24:19 7.3

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The Highlanders CAST & CREW

The Doctor:
Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor)


Anneke Wills (Polly)
Michael Craze (Ben Jackson)
Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon)

Guest Stars:
Donald Bisset — The Laird
William Dysart — Alexander
Hannah Gordon — Kirsty
Andrew Downie — Willie Mackay
David Garth — Solicitor Grey
Sydney Arnold — Perkins
Dallas Cavell — Captain Trask
Michael Elwyn — Lt. Algernon Ffinch
Guy Middleton — Colonel Attwood
Peter Welch — Sergeant
Tom Bowman — Sentry
Barbara Bruce — Mollie
Peter Diamond — Sailor

Production Staff for Serial FF:
Writers - Elwyn Jones & Gerry Davis
Director - Hugh David
Script editor - Gerry Davis
Producer - Innes Lloyd

All 4 episodes missing.

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