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The Krotons SYNOPSIS:

Landing on a nameless planet, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find a huge ship surrounding a city. Near the machine entrance they see a Gond man destroyed by hidden weapons. They soon discover the Gond population living in total subjugation to their unseen masters the Krotons, who arrived years ago poisoning the lands, killing many of the Gonds.

The Gonds are used to living as slaves offering up the population's smartest citizens to live as companions to the invaders. Having witnessed death of a chosen companion, the Tardis crew intervene to save the life of Vana the next chosen companion but are unable to convince the Gond elders of the Krotons evil influence. Thara, the Gond leader's son tries to provoke rebellion against their unseen masters with an attack on the teaching machines.

The Doctor and Zoe use the teaching machines to be the next 'chosen companions and are taken into the alien ship, the Dynatrope and put under mental duress. Zoe deduces the Krotons transform mental power into energy and the power of their combined intelligence sees the reformation of the aliens physical forms. They escape but are then hunted down by the invaders.

While Councillor Eelek has managed to depose the Gond leader and influence the people to attack the DYnatrope in force. The Doctor instructs Jamie to prevent an all out rebellion or the Gonds will be wiped out but Eelek is willing to turn over Zoe and the Doctor to the Krotons in exchange for the Krotons leaving their planet.

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The Krotons DETAILS:

Episode Broadcast Run Time Viewership (In Millions)
Part One 28-Dec-68 23:00 9
Part Two 4-Jan-69 23:03 8.4
Part Three 11-Jan-69 21:47 7.5
Part Four 18-Jan-69 22:39 7.1

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The Krotons CAST & CREW

The Doctor:
Patrick Troughton(Second Doctor)

Fraser Hines (Jamie McCrimmon)
Wendy Padbury (Zoe Herriot)

Guest Stars:
James Copeland — Selris
James Cairncross — Beta
Gilbert Wynne — Thara
Philip Madoc — Eelek
Terence Brown — Abu
Madeleine Mills — Vana
Richard Ireson — Axus
Maurice Selwyn — Custodian
Bronson Shaw — Student
Roy Skelton, Patrick Tull — Kroton Voices
Robert La'Bassiere, Miles Northover — Krotons

Production Staff for Serial WW:
Writer - Robert Holmes
Director - David Maloney
Script editor - Terrance Dicks
Producer - Peter Bryant

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The Krotons REVIEWS


Ummmm, as to what's happening in the last photo you provided I'd say Jon Pertwee has just arrived on set for the first time. Actually thanks for the photographic reference there Grob, jogged my memory, as I couldn't remember much of this one - except it 's the episodes where Zoe runs around in a PVC mini skirt. Knew it happened somewhere and the eyes were always on her for every scene. This story was stock standard late Troughton period where the series was drawing to a close everyone had decided to move on and were extremely tired and it looked like the show may even finish.

The Krotons were clunky and looked like big vaccum cleaners with Lost in Space robot arms, the supporting cast based on stereo typical characters, the wise but flawed leader, his rebellious son, the rebellious son's devoted girlfriend with the big norgs, the scheming-for-power councilor who wants the top job etc. but all acted competently, though the younger actors must've been bland as don't remember anything at all, sort of recall Madoc doing his raving best and amazing to think that this was Robert Holmes', first ever script, not his best but what great writers ever get it right first time round? For some reason loved the location work they did, it looked very well done. The whole regular cast still sparkle.

Don't know why this story gets knocked as much as it does think they are far worse missing stories that they're thankfully very little of. If not for the shine of the regular cast it would be hard to watch some scenes without them can make you nod off. 7/10 - had to give it an extra two points for Wendy's dress sense!

Okay, are we all back from a quick visit to the toilet cubicle? Right, lets begin. As Goldby so rightly said, the Troughton's are just whizzing by. So lets be grateful for what we are about to receive. Don't actually mind this one. Its quite predictable and has one dimensional characters, dull ranty monsters, is filmed in a quarry and has fuck all budget, but hey so what? It just gets on with telling the story and telling it as good as it can. Its Robert Holmes' first script too so there are some nice pieces of dialogue. Phillip Madoc (Solon from the Brain of Morbius) is here too, out acting everyone else and making the most of chewing the scenery.

Speaking of which, the production values are well and truly on display here at the very first scene when the hatch door opens and then gets stuck! If this were are a Hartnell I'd probably be throwing things at the TV screen, but its Troughton at his finest here and Jamie providing the comedy and Zoe in her PVC outfit that does it. There is also comedy a-go-go here when the Doctor and Zoe get to have an intelligence test and the Doctor screws it up while Zoe romps it home.

The Krotons themselves are pretty boring. As the great Terrance Dicks observed once; "LOOM! All they do is LOOM!!" and he's right. The production team couldn't even get them to even move! So they were filmed standing still, raising their guns and - well - looming. In fact the bickering between the Krotons reminds me of the two bastards in The Dominators (or as Tim called them; the Paddlepop Men. Tim also coined the phrase "Bendy-over man", too) Although its very very piss funny at the end when the Krotons get defeated and their funny heads start spinning round. So in all, its pretty naff story-wise but everyone and everything makes it worth watching in some way. I reckon the DVD of this will be pretty damn cool, too. Again, its a 7/10. Now go back to perving on those thighs.

Wow - I thought I was going to be alone in saying that I didn't really mind the Krotons... and I thought maybe I was being a bit kind giving it a 6!

So anyway, I don't mind this one!

I have to admit, apart from the PVC skirt, I don't remember too much of this one, but for it being a little similar (in parts) to the brain of morbius perhaps (with the fear of the unknown power thing), and also maybe a little similar to Keeper of Traken in bits too.

OK, the title aliens themselves were a little bit hokey, but overall this was a nice little short (in comparison to other stories) and straight to the point story!


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