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Carnival Of Monsters SYNOPSIS:

With his exile to earth lifted by the Time Lords for defeating Omega, the Tardis seemingly lands on a cargo ship in 1926. Arrested as stowaways the travellers see the ship attacked by a dinosaur. Once dealt with the passengers and crew repeat their previous actions as if controlled. The Doctor and Jo find leave the ship through a steel hatch and find themselves in a machine.

The Machine is a Miniscope, a peepshow containing miniaturized aliens and alien environments that play out a scenario for viewers. The Tardis landed with the compression field but the owner showman Vorg has it removed. Vorg and Shirna are having trouble getting the Miniscope through customs on the planet Inter Minor.

The Doctor and Jo try to find a way out through a marshland environment but are pursued by the native omnivorous Drashigs into the machine itself. The Doctor realises they're in a Miniscope and escapes out to inter Minor to deal with the owners. However unscrupulous Inter Minor politicians led by Kalik see releasing the Drashigs from the scope as a way to stage a coup overthrowing their government and taking power.

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Carnival Of Monsters DETAILS:

Episode Broadcast Run Time Viewership (In Millions)
Part One 27-Jan-73 24:46 9.5
Part Two 3-Feb-73 24:11 9
Part Three 10-Feb-73 24:49 9
Part Four 17-Feb-73 24:10 9.2

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Carnival Of Monsters CAST & CREW

The Doctor:
Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor)

Katy Manning (Jo Grant)

Guest Stars:
Michael Wisher — Kalik
Terence Lodge — Orum
Peter Halliday — Pletrac
Leslie Dwyer — Vorg
Cheryl Hall — Shirna
Tenniel Evans — Major Daly
Jenny McCracken — Claire Daly
Ian Marter — Lt John Andrews
Andrew Staines — Captain

Production Staff for Serial PPP:
Writer - Robert Holmes
Director - Barry Letts
Script editor - Terrance Dicks
Producer - Barry Letts

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Carnival Of Monsters REVIEWS


Carnival of Monsters, never been a big fan of this one.

Sure it's Robert Holmes churning out another original idea but something about the whole execution of this one that leaves me cold. Perhaps it's over presence of some seriously dodgy CSO which actually blanks out parts of people's body's in this one, on Inter Minor anyway. They're the bit's I disliked the most. From the moment one of the slave inter minorans (?) runs up to give a speech by making burbling sounds to the hammy acting of the three Inter Minor councilors, okay Micheal Wisher at least gives his role some credibility. Martin Gibbs as Vorg is a hoot and there's his hot blonde assistant for serious eye candy who show the others how much more entertaining hammy acting can be.

There's good bits in the marshes with all the tension and the Drashigs look scary bursting through the mud and screaming but as you say Long, soon as they move around they look cheap. The cheap look is evident all over this one, the only convincing sets being the interior of the cruise ship. Too ambitious for the series especially as this was filmed right after season 9 so no money was left…..oh the regulars are good and Jo really has evolved beyond the screaming companion of season 8, oh yes Ian Marter is in it too doing his Dr Who companion audition. Keep thinking maybe it would have been better had more monsters appeared to live up to the Carnival idea, eg. Cybermen, shown in cameo & even Orgrons. Imagine if they had been roaming everywhere as well? A missed opportunity… 4.5/10


This is unbeliveable. I go away for ONE day and come back to find only TWO short reviews from Long & Goldby??? I guess this means I have to be the controversial one and get everything fired up. I like a lot of Carnival Of Monsters cos its just so...well, Dr Who. Sure its a Granny Letts and Uncle Tewwance produced story but it has so much more going for it than that. It has your standard Dr Who alien planet happily made out of an over lit cramped BBC studio. It has the ropey bits of location filming. It has scary monsters. It has a huge amount of "what the hell is going on???" with said alien planet and little tug boat scenes. It was written by Robert Holmes who brings his trademark brilliance in characters and multi-layed plot. Carnival of Monsters is to a dig at free enterprise as Frontier in Space is a propaganda fest for communism.

And speaking of characters; Vorg (Martin Gibbs) and Shirna (Anna Murphy) are a great duo with Shirna being the brains and Vorg being the shonky showman - both warranting a return performance that sadly never happened. Kalik, Pletrac and Orum are also well written to the point that they could be future incarnations of the trio from "Yes Minister". And back on board Scuffy the Tugboat (heh, heh; "tug!" we have the lovable Major Daly, his niece Claire and Harry Sullivan putting in some nice performances too. The Drashigs scared the piss out of me when I was a kid and I reckon they look pretty good, particularly during the marsh scenes. Haven't really got much to say about the Doctorr and Jo cos they are just going through the motions and saying the words. Its a pretty effortless job for both of them which sadly means neither of them are being stretched in any way.

Sadly, I do have to agree with Tim here and award the story an 8/10. I'm agreeing with Tim. What is the world coming to?


Carnival Of Monsters is the first episode since Day of the Daleks to not start with "The"… and it's another good one - but not quite as good as Day of the Daleks.

I looked up what was talked about the other night, and sure enough, this one was recorded straight after The Time Monster. They then had a break, followed by Frontier in Space and then The Three Doctors.

Anyway, Carnival Of Monsters is good fun. Sure, the realisation of the Drashigs is probably a little hokey these days, as is the shrinking and growing of the exhibits, but as a kid they looked great.

Story wise, this one is really tight - just like most of the 4 parters - fast paced and good fun. We get a lot of "what the hell is going on" moments (I love the hand picking up the TARDIS at the end of part 1) - and the whole continual re-enactment of the same dialogue from the ship patrons (including Ian Marter - who just missed out on the role of Yates!)… the tease of the Cyberman and the Ogron are quite good too.


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Screen Shots:

Carnival Of Monsters Titles

Carnival Of Monsters Jo and the Doctor

Carnival Of Monsters Dinosaur

Carnival Of Monsters Clare and Liet.Andrews

Carnival Of Monsters Councillors of Inter Minor

Carnival Of Monsters Ogron

Carnival Of Monsters Vorg and Shirna

Carnival Of Monsters Functionaries

Carnival Of Monsters cyberman

Carnival Of Monsters the Doctor boxing

Carnival Of Monsters Clare and Major Daly

Carnival Of Monsters Drashigs

Carnival Of Monsters Shirna close up

Carnival Of Monsters the Doctor and Sonic Screwdriver

Carnival Of Monsters Drashig on the move

Carnival Of Monsters Kalik and Orum

Carnival Of Monsters Clare Daly

Carnival Of Monsters Drashigs burning

Carnival Of Monsters Jo and the Doctor in the scope