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Mission To The Unknown SYNOPSIS:

Marc Cory and Gordon Lowery are having difficulty repairing their ship. They are wondering where their associate Garvey is, he arrives back attempting to kill them but Cory shoots Garvey first. Cory pulls a Varga thorn out of Garvey warning Lowery that if he stung himself on it he would have to kill him too.

Garvey’s body begins to change into a Varga plant. Cory works for the Space Security Service and enlists Lowery to help him. Cory explains that the Daleks have been gaining control of many planets and a Dalek space ship has been spotted in this solar system. In the Dalek city on Kembel, the Dalek Supreme meets the representatives from the seven galaxies.

They are concerned about the hostility of humans, but the Daleks assure them that the humans will be dealt with. The representatives approve the Dalek plans to conquer Earth. Lowery constructs a rescue beacon but before a message can be recorded four Daleks arrive and destroy their space ship. Cory and Lowery flee into the jungle but Lowery has been infected by a Varga plant and is slowly transforming leaving only Cory to record a warning message of the dalek plans.

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Mission To The Unknown DETAILS:

Episode Broadcast Run Time Viewership (In Millions)
Mission To The Unknown 9-Oct-65 24:42 8.3

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Mission To The Unknown CAST & CREW

Main Cast are not featured.

Guest Stars:
Barry Jackson — Jeff Garvey
Edward de Souza — Marc Cory
Jeremy Young — Gordon Lowery
Robert Cartland — Malpha
David Graham, Peter Hawkins — Dalek voices
Robert Jewell, Kevin Manser, John Scott Martin, Gerald Taylor — Dalek operators

Production Staff for Serial T /A:
Writer - Terry Nation
Director - Derek Martinus
Script editor - Donald Tosh
Producer - Verity Lambert
Episode Missing

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