The Office Christmas Special Part 2

The Office Christmas Special Part 2 SYNOPSIS:

The documentary team continue to follow up David Brent in his attempts to find the right date for the Christmas Party from an online dating site that Gareth has put him on, the first date fails badly thanks to Brent's clumsy attempts at conversation.

Gareth himself is taking Christmas party suggestions from his senior staff, including a wet t-shirt competition and announces that Dawn is arriving in the afternoon to say hello which delights Tim but dismays Anne.

After another dating disaster, followed shortly after by another failed celebrity gig David drops by the office and to be told by Neil that he's banned from the office and later told by Gareth that he can come to the Christmas party but not the dinner.

The Christmas Party gets underway and Tim again meets up with Dawn but also Lee. David meets his final blind date at the party and is surprised by her intelligence and beauty and he finally puts Chris Finch in his place.

Despite being taunted by office staff not to ask Dawn out a third time, Tim instead makes a touching gesture that makes her leave Lee and come for him and David finally gets a laugh out of the whole office crowd.

The Office Christmas Special Part 2 CAST & CREW


David Brent: Ricky Gervais
Tim Canterbury: Martin Freeman
Gareth Keenan: Mackenzie Crook
Dawn Tinsley: Lucy Davis
Patrick Baladi: Neil Godwin
Elizabeth Berrington: Anne
Ewen MacIntosh: Keith
Joel Beckett: Lee
Stirling Gallacher: Jennifer Taylor-Clark
Ralph Ineson: Chris Finchy Finch
Sandy Hendrickse: Carol
Steve Brody: Peter the Agent


David Schaal: Glyn
Howard Saddler: Oliver
Rachel Issac: Trudy
Julie Fernandez: Brenda
Ben Bradshaw: Ben
Jamie Deeks: Jamie
Jane Lucas: Sheila
Patrick Driver: Patrick
Tony MacMurray: Tony
Alexander Perkins: Ralph
Emma Louise Manton: Emma
Philip Pickard: Phillip
Martha Howe-Douglas: Mel the Receptionist

Guest Stars:

Alec Christie: Nightclub MC
Rebecca Charles: Brent's First date
Cally Lawrence: Brent's Second date
Joanne Condon: Monkey's Date
Ashley Jenssen: Interviewer (voice only)
Julia Davis: Gillian (voice only)
Ron Merchant: Gordon

Production Staff:

Writers - Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant
Directors - Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant
Producer - Ash Atalla
Executive Producer - Anil Gupta
Executive Producer - Jon Plowman

The Office Christmas Special Part 2 REVIEWS:


So the series is all tied up in a neat little bow with the Christmas Special Part 2 that, after all it's dodging and weaving away from conventional sitcom formats, constantly following the "no hugging, no learning" mantra for the characters and many times following a downbeat comedic note, finally does the opposite and resolves the story lines and dangling plot threads.

The best part though is it only does it this once and maybe that's the final twist to show that good things do tend to happen in life sometime for people and show that sitcoms are not just about canned laughter and characters learning and being redeemed within a half hour format just for the hell of it. They can be done perfectly and this is what this one does.

Gareth is befitting as the only major member of the cast to get his resolution at the end of series 2 and the time frame of three years between that and the Christmas Specials shows that he is the shallowest one as he is content with being and powerless and ineffectual office manager who gets things done...but that's it.

David Brent had spiraled down about as far as is possible to go being soaked with beer and ashamed, embarrassed by his latest "celebrity" appearance and suffering the scorn of the other celebrities. But he gets a few more stumbling blocks put in front of him such as the dating selections picked from the website, he totally fucks up the promising first one,sabotages the second due to vanity and the desire to impress Neil and FINALLY he hits pay dirt with the third who meets him at the Christmas party.

Carol actually listens and talks to him as a person and looks past his stupid self importance and want to be popular. With the promise of future dates, the hapless eternally single Brent seems to already start changing into a better person by the closing moments, Carol being the first ever person he praises and talks to the camera about apart from his comedy and philosopher icons.

The series wouldn't be the Office with this new Brent who finally tells his mate Finch to fuck off when he insults his date and is suddenly no longer worried about competing with Neil ( who is areal pompous prick to Brent in these episodes, even banning hm from the office, though he is dropping in all the time) Fitting then is the group photo at the Christmas Party, the 'new' Brent, spirits buoyed finally gets the old gang laughing at one of his jokes.

And finally what lies at the heart of the Christmas Specials is all about the heart as the Tim and Dawn story reaches it's climax. Steady on....not that sort. If you have ever been in the position of liking someone who didn't think of you in that way you could imagine how the hapless but well meaning Tim feels when he hears Dawn is coming back to visit.

Tim must have a thick hide to ignore not only all the work colleagues ribbing him about asking Dawn out a 3rd time and enduring the painful anecdotes from his desk mate the self obsessed and pregnant Anne. A character made up to be less,likeable than Gareth who not only tells Brent what everyone thinks of him but gets put in her place as well by the foul mouthed factory foreman Glynn.

BUT truly it's Tim and Dawn's story that is the most rapturous conclusion to the series and Tim finally gets the girl by doing actually nothing but a simple, well meaning gesture that makes Dawn realise she couldn't be with a muscle bound plonker like Lee all her life. She RUNS back to Tim presumably after dumping Lee and shows her affection in front of the whole Christmas Party. It's a golden moment, remember my DVD player was nearly worn out by a female housemate repeating the Tim and Dawn make out scene about 30 times when she first saw it.

A brilliant end to the series...but the last of them, the meeting minutes are filed away and the office doors closed for the last time still 10/10 for the ending.

Best Bits: Tim and Dawn get together because of Tim's secret Santa. Brent fires up against Finch and Neil in Carols defence.

Most Cringeworthy: Brent's first blind date.

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