The Kipper And The Corpse: Fawlty Towers: Season 2

The Kipper And The Corpse SYNOPSIS:

Guest Mr Leeman arrives back at Fawlty Towers not feeling well and asks for an alarm call and breakfast in bed surviving Basil's sarcasm thanks to Sybil. Basil delivers Mr. Leeman's kippers in the morning but doesn't noticed his guest has passed on but Polly realises when she takes up the milk.

They alert guest Dr Price of Leeman's death, and Basil becomes paranoid about disposing of Leeman's kippers as they're past the use by date, he doesn't want to get done for poisoning a guest. Dr Price wants the body moved out of the room until the coroner arrives. Both Basil and Manuel are forced to carry the body elsewhere and Polly accidentally knocks out a hysterical Miss Tibbs when she sees them carrying the corpse.

Fawlty and Manuel transport the body from place to place to avoiding guests. First failing to hide the body and the unconscious Miss Tibbs in a guest's room and eventually concealing the body in a laundry basket that gets taken by the delivery men. Dr Price missed his breakfast thanks to the commotion and is determined to have his sausages despite the fact Manuel keeps packing up his breakfast table.

After retrieving the body from near being taken by the laundry men Basil and Manuel have to cart Mr Leeman around once more to avoid mr Leeman's friends who have come to pick him up but fail to again to keep from shocking Miss Tibbs unconscious. Even Manuel gives up helping when they run out of places to hide the body. Basil decides to direct the complaining guests to Sybil and makes his escape in the laundry basket the men have returned to collect.

The Kipper And The Corpse CAST & CREW


Basil Fawlty: John Cleese
Sybil Fawlty: Prunella Scales
Manuel: Andrew Sachs
Polly Sherman: Connie Booth
Major Gowen: Ballard Berkeley
Terry: Brian Hall
Miss Tibbs: Gilly Flower
Miss Gatsby: Renee Roberts

Guest Stars:
Dr Price - Geoffrey Palmer
Mrs Chase - Mavis Pugh
Mr White - Richard Davies
Mrs White - Elizabeth Benson
Mr Leeman - Derek Royle
Mr Xerxes - Robert McBain
Miss Young - Pamela Buchner
Mr Zebedee - Raymond Mason
Mr Ingrams - Charles McKeown
Guest - Len Marten

Production Staff:

Writers - John Cleese & Connie Booth
Director - Bob Spiers
Producer - Douglas Argent

The Kipper And The Corpse REVIEWS:


At last! After too much cringe worthy awkwardness of the last couple of episodes comes some light relief in the form of basically a bit of light hearted farce. What could be more light hearted than a guest dying? Or trying to hide his body from other guests?

It runs a frenetic pace this one but at least it involves more of the other characters for a change. Connie Booth gets a chance to shine again helping hide the body from other guests as a casualty at Fawlty Towers could affect business. She assists making up numerous excuses and accidentally punches out Miss Tibbs trying to stop her from being hysterical. For once in the series Gilly Flower's dotty Miss Tibbs is given more to do than her old lady fawning act over Basil with Miss Gatsby as she is constantly running into every spot where Basil and Manuel hide the body.

Geoffrey Palmer lends a bit of class to the role of the sausage obsessed Dr Price whose tete` a tete` with Manuel in the dining room is a high point. Cleese and Sachs must have had a good fun bit of exercise heaving around Derek Royle's who plays the deceased Mr. Leeman's for most of the episode. Seems even Manuel has a breaking point when after too many failures in trying to hide the body from guests, conks out from tiredness and refuses to assist Basil and the insane situations in Fawlty Towers any further.

Could have been a nice finishing episode to the entire series ending as it does with Basil turning the tables on Sybil for a change and sending all the complaining guests her way while he makes his escape via the laundry basket that he knows the laundry men will cart away from Fawlty Towers. A nice energetic but run around episode which gets lost among some other season highlights like the Wedding Party did in season 1 but really have to give The Kipper and The Corpse a 7.5/10

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