The Myth Makers: Doctor Who: Season 3




The Myth Makers SYNOPSIS:

The TARDIS materializes just as Hector is slain outside the gates of Troy by Achilles during the ancient siege of of Troy by the Greeks. Achilles believes the Doctor is Zeus taking him to the Greek encampment. They are joined there by the warrior Odysseus. Greek leader Agamemnon insists the Doctor, being Zeus, help him defeat the Trojans and refuses him departure.

Vicki remains in the ship while Steven heads to the Trojan camp only to be captured by the Greeks. The Doctor persuades the Greeks to spare Steven and the TARDIS is taken inside Troy where Vicki emerges and is christened as the prophet Cressida from the Gods by King Priam, enraging his current prophet Cassandra. Meeting Paris for battle outside the city disguised as Diomede, Steven is taken prisoner inside Troy intending to rescue Vicki.

Cassandra exposes them as spies when Vicki greets Steven by name and the King demands Vicki to prophesize the wars end or die. Her romantic interest Trolius has her released while Steven remains imprisoned. Under pressure to help the Greeks the Doctor proposes the use of a giant wooden horse filled with Greek Warriors to delivered as a gift to Troy to Odysseus.

Agamemnon approves the plan, but it is decided the Doctor will be among those inside the horse. The Doctor must come up with another plan to ensure they are all not massacred in the ensuing carnage that will follow.

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The Myth Makers DETAILS:

Episode Broadcast Run Time Viewership (In Millions)
Episode One: Temple of Secrets 16-Oct-65 24:45 8.3
Episode Two: Small Prophet, Quick Return 23-Oct-65 24:43 8.1
Episode Three: Death of a Spy 30-Oct-65 25:39 8.7
Episode Four: Horse of Destruction 6-Nov-65 24:25 8.3

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The Myth Makers CAST & CREW

The Doctor:
William Hartnell (First Doctor)

Maureen O'Brien (Vicki)
Peter Purves (Stephen Taylor)
Adrienne Hill (Katarina)

Guest Stars:
Max Adrian — King Priam
Cavan Kendall — Achilles
Alan Haywood — Hector
Barrie Ingham — Paris
Frances White — Cassandra
James Lynn — Troilus
Francis de Wolff — Agamemnon
Jack Melford — Menelaus
Tutte Lemkow — Cyclops
Ivor Salter — Odysseus
Jon Luxton — Messenger

Production Staff for Serial U:
Writer - Donald Cotton
Director - Michael Leeston-Smith
Script editor - Donald Tosh
Producer - John Wiles
All 4 episodes missing

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