The Rescue: Doctor Who: Season 2







The Rescue SYNOPSIS:

With his grand daughter having decided to stay behind on Earth an upset Doctor and crew arrive on Dido, a world the Doctor has visited before. They find two survivors of a space crash, Vicki and the injured Bennett, who are awaiting a rescue ship. Vicki and Bennett live in fear of Koquillion, a native creature of Dido.

Koquillion attacks the time travellers, pushing Barbara over a cliff and temporarily trapping Ian and the Doctor. Vicki rescues Barbara from Koquillion, and they share reminiscences. All the survivors of the crash, save Bennett and Vicki, were lured to their deaths by the natives of Dido including Vicki's father.

The Doctor finds things are not as they seem in Bennett's room, Bennett is missing and he finds a secret passage leading from the cabin to an underground temple where he unmasks Koquillion as Bennett. Bennett reveals he was arrested for murder, but the ship crashed and he has now killed the crash survivors and the natives of Dido to cover his crime. Now he intends to kill the travellers starting with the Doctor.

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The Rescue DETAILS:

Episode Broadcast Run Time Viewership (In Millions)
Episode One: The Powerful Enemy 2-Jan-65 26:15 12
Episode Two: Desperate Measures 9-Jan-65 24:36 13

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The Rescue CAST & CREW

The Doctor:
William Hartnell (First Doctor)

William Russell (Ian Chesterton)
Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright)
Maureen O'Brien (Vicki)

Guest Stars:
Ray Barrett — Bennett/Koquillion
Tom Sheridan — Space Captain

Production Staff for Serial L:
Writer - David Whitaker
Director - Christopher Barry
Script editor - Dennis Spooner
Producer - Verity Lambert
Associate producer - Mervyn Pinfield

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The Rescue REVIEWS:


Bland is almost too kind a word to use for the next series or so worth of stories...

Yep Vicki is the new companion, a carbon copy of Susan but at least she can act better. Yeah don't remember much of it either except it was slow but at least over after two parts. Remember Hartnell fluffs his lines more often from here on in and he was genuinely upset he had got rid of his only relative but fair enough due to her acting.

Also remember the Doctor nearly being murdered by the bad guy when he was unmasked at the end but maybe this was because Hartnell kept forgetting his lines.



I don't mind the little two-parters in the series as the stories are nice and quick and in some cases are like Hartnell four-parters minus the dull episode two and the even duller episode three. In some cases, you can cram more into a two-parter than a four parter. Or you can cram more into one episode (say, part one of Talens of Weng Chiang) than an entire six episode story (like the Sensorites). But back to the Rescue....

Essentially the gist of this little ditty is introducing Vicki. Now Vicki in this story is far more interesting that she will ever be for the remainder of the series. Maybe its me, but I wouldn't mind giving her one up the jackseye while she's bent over the food dispensing machine. Yeah, as Goldby said, its bland. But it still has a few things going for it. Not a lot, just little things. The model of the spaceship made out of a cardboard tube is pretty good, the scenes in the caves are interesting as well and at times a bit creepy.

The scene where Vicki breaks down cos Babs shoots Sandy the Sand Beast is actually very sad. I reckon that may have torn a few heart strings with the kiddies on hearing Sandy cry in agony as he dies (you even get to SEE it as well!!) Bennett posing as Koquillion is rather lame but he does only JUST manage to pull this farce off as they hadn't been marooned long enough for Vicki to become suspicious - this is banking on the fact that Vicki is a) in credibly stupid and b) deaf as a house brick and blind as a bat not to notice that Bennett and Korqi-boy are on and the same. Dunno what the idea behind the two blokes in grey jumpsuits at the end was all about (or why they smashed the radio transmitter at the end) but I guess you gotta end it somehow. Not good. Not bad. Just average. 5/10


I've seen this a couple of times... but really don't remember much of it! We get Vicki (if it was Vicki Pollard, this probably would have been more memorable!)... Vicki's not too bad... but really I can't offer you much else. I remember it being a bit of a who done it... but a bit of an obvious who done it! It was good that it was only a 2 parter!

My reviews are going to be a bit bland (more so than usual) for a while... don't remember these ones like I do the series 6 onwards ones...


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Screen Shots:

The Rescue Titles

The Rescue crashed ship

The Rescue Vicki

The Rescue Tardis

The Rescue In the Tardis

The Rescue Bennett and Vicki

The Rescue Koquillon

The Rescue Koquillon threatens Barbara

The Rescue Barbara hurt

The Rescue Koquillon visits Vicki

The Rescue Dido sand beast

The Rescue Ian trapped

The Rescue Bennett injured

The Rescue Dr and Koquillion

The Rescue Koquillion unmasked

The Rescue The Doctor