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The Time Meddler SYNOPSIS:

The Doctor is recovering from the fact that Ian and Barbara have left him and returned to their own time aboard the daleks stolen time machine. He and Vicki discover that Stephen Taylor has stowed away on board the TARDIS and nurse him back to health but can not convince him the ship travels in time and space.

venturing outside the Doctor attempts to convince his new companion otherwise, their arrival is witnessed by an unseen Monk and by a villager who warns Villager elder Wulnoth about the strangers. The Doctor goes to the village and establishes they are in 1066 before the invasion of William the conqueror. He goes to the nearby monastery where he finds modern appliances like toasters and a gramophone and is trapped there by the Monk.

Stephen and Vicki are captured by Saxons while exploring the cliffs but are eventually allowed to go to the monastery. The Monk is planning to change history by destroying invading viking forces. Vikings have landed already and slain some Saxon villagers. Stephen and Vicki break into the monastery finding not the Doctor but instead find the monk possesses his own TARDIS, he is a time traveller, one of the Doctor's own people.

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The Time Meddler DETAILS:

Episode Broadcast Run Time Viewership (In Millions)
Episode One: The Watcher 3-Jul-65 24:05 8.9
Episode Two: The Meddling Monk 10-Jul-65 25:17 8.8
Episode Three: A Battle of Wits 17-Jul-65 24:10 7.7
Episode Four: Checkmate 24-Jul-65 24:00 8.3

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The Time Meddler CAST & CREW

The Doctor:
William Hartnell (First Doctor)

Maureen O'Brien (Vicki)
Peter Purves (Stephen Taylor)

Guest Stars:
Peter Butterworth — The Monk
Alethea Charlton — Edith
Peter Russell — Eldred
Michael Miller — Wulnoth
Michael Guest — Saxon Hunter
Geoffrey Cheshire — Viking Leader
Norman Hartley — Ulf
David Anderson — Sven
Ronald Rich — Gunnar the Giant

Production Staff for Serial S:
Writer - Dennis Spooner
Director - Douglas Camfield
Script editor - Donald Tosh
Producer - Verity Lambert

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The Time Meddler REVIEWS


Was interesting from the point of view that we get Steven as Ian's replacement introduced in the last episode of the Chase. A carbon copy of Ian and Vicki who now acts as a carbon copy of Susan and Bab's. It was an interesting idea of finally introducing another member of the Doctor's race and think it came alive in the few scenes with him and the meddling monk but still seemed very slow moving.

But actually didn't mind the Time Meddler as much as I thought I would. The first episode is very good. Hartnell's a bit upset and deflated about Barbara and Ian leaving him and Vicki tries to console him, then stowaway (the first of many) Stephen Taylor shows up and is accepted by the crew. Then they go and explore and the 'ol doc gets continually frustrated by his failed efforts to convince Stephen that the Tarids is a time machine and they're now on Earth in the middle ages.

Hartnell didn't fluff one line in this, which is pretty impressive from him and like how he manipulated the conversation with the main peasant woman to find out what year, place and date it was. The meddling monk was rather comically mysterious and he pottered around doing his business and spying on the time travellers. As the first ever pseudo historical story viewers back in 65 must've wondered why there objects like record players, watches and howitzers in middle ages story.

Even the peasants are fairly good actors, well two of the three speaking ones are and one's a total over actor. Then Hartnell takes part 2 off for a holiday and the vikings arrive…the reallllllly bad actors, no wonder I feel asleep 3 times during part 2. Even though Hartnell's back in part 3 it seems to drag a bit with people running around doing not much. The good bit is the revelation that the monk has a Tardis and is one of the Dr.'s own people is a highlight showing the first glimpse of some back story of the Doctor. Butterworth and Hartnell are very good in their scenes together and the other leads are good. The vikings are just terrible.

It's not a bad little romp will give it a 5.7/10


Heres another one I've seen but remember nothing about aside from a hill, a hut on top of it and a monestery below it. And some guy in a beard. Apparently Steven gets his first "outing" here and we meet the Meddling Monk who is also a Time Lord. Didn't grab me at all. Maybe I should rewatch it cos a number of people of the forum are calling it a classic. Sorry guys; I'm going N/A on this. I really can't recall anything about it to say anything of any note.

I have now watched The Time Meddler THREE AND A HALF BLOODY TIMES and it STILL doesn't sink in what the fuck it is about. Hey; there's my review!!! And here is my score; 1/10.


I actually didn't mind this one! Maybe cos it was a 4 parter? Maybe cos it dealt with a fellow time lord (and thus gave a kind of insight into what a time lord is)? Maybe cos I like the new crew - and another "it's bigger on the inside" description (although nothing will beat Martha's one!). Anyway, the mucking around with time was pretty straight forward, and reasonably entertaining for a Hartnell... and reasonably well resolved!


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Screen Shots:

The Time Meddler at the controls

The Time Meddler the monk

The Time Meddler Vicki and the Doctor find helmet

The Time Meddler Stephen Taylor

The Time Meddler Dr and Edith

The Time Meddler the Meddling monk

The Time Meddler the Doctor

The Time Meddler Wulnoth and Edith and Eldred

The Time Meddler vikings plan attack

The Time Meddler Vicki

The Time Meddler saxons vs vikings

The Time Meddler finding a howitzer

The Time Meddler Viking longboat

The Time Meddler Dr catches Monk

The Time Meddler Ulf and Sven

The Time Meddler the monk reveals plans

The Time Meddler Dr with Vikings

The Time Meddler Monkd Tardis shrunk