Galaxy Four: Doctor Who: Season 3








Galaxy Four SYNOPSIS: 

The Doctor, Vicki, and Steven Taylor arrive on an unknown planet in Galaxy Four and encounter small robots, which Vicki names Chumblies.One of the robots is destroyed by a party of female, cloned Drahvins, dominated by their leader, Maaga. The Drahvins are at war with the reptilian Rills, who control the Chumblies, and both races have crashed spaceships on this planet.

The planet will be destroyed in 14 planetary cycles and with the Drahvin ship beyond repair, Magga and her warriors want to capture the Rill ship, which they believe is now functional. The Doctor has witnessed the Drahvin aggression and refuses to assist Steven is held as hostage to ensure the Doctor and Vicki seize control of the Rill ship.

The Doctor meets the Rills and is impressed by their telepathy despite their ugly, horned appearance. The Rills explain they offered to take the Drahvins with them but Maaga refused, preferring to maintain the state of war between their species. The Doctor promises to help them escape in but must save Stephen. However they all must withstand a Drahvin assault that the chumblies may not hold off. 

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Galaxy Four DETAILS: 



Run Time

Viewership (In Millions)

Episode One: Four Hundred Dawns




Episode Two: Trap of Steel




Episode Three: Air Lock




Episode Four: The Exploding Planet




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Galaxy Four CAST & CREW 

The Doctor: 
William Hartnell (First Doctor) 

Maureen O'Brien (Vicki) 
Peter Purves (Stephen Taylor) 

Guest Stars: 
Stephanie Bidmead — Maaga 
Marina Martin, Susanna Caroll, Lyn Ashley — Drahvins 
Jimmy Kaye, William Shearer, Angelo Muscat, Pepi Poupée, Tommy Reynolds — Chumblies 
Robert Cartland — Rill Voices 
Barry Jackson — Garvey 

Production Staff for Serial T: 
Writer - William Emms 
Director - Derek Martinus 
Script editor - Donald Tosh 
Producer - Verity Lambert 
Missing episodes 1,2 & 4 

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Galaxy Four REVIEWS 


Ok by the look of it this story had an interesting premise and for the whole 7 or so minutes left of part one it didn't look too bad, especially has Hartnell didn't fluff his lines once! Can see how this story would be dull listening to the audio though. The Drahvins are interesting as probably the first all female villains on the show. The Chumblie robots look sort of like mobile seat pooves.

But it looks like the Tardis trio would have spent 4 episodes walking back and forth to two different spaceships across an unrealistic BBC desert backdrop at Lime Grove. Extremely hard to rate given the limited footage but will mark it a 3/10. for daring to make women the bad guys in 1965. 


Remember how overjoyed we were when Tomb of The Cybermen was found? Remember how disappointed we were when it got released on VHS? Well, for some bizarre reason everyone is hyping this little story up as well. God knows what will happen when it DOES turn up and turns out to be a big suck of disappointment.

So why am I reviewing it? Sure, we got about three minutes of footage of it, but I own the soundtrack on CD. It probably looks a lot better than it plays cos on CD it has about as much appeal as.....well, Space Pirates really. All the story is about is You Shouldn't Judge People By Their Appearances. What is is ALSO about is a lot of needless walking to and from the Drarvin's space ship, to the Tardis, to the Rills ship and then back again. Over and over. And if you thought the planet itself looked boring from the remaining footage on the Lost In Time DVD, wait till you hear it in all its glory on CD. That's right; there's nothing. On the plus side I do use it to listen to when I have trouble sleeping and want to be out like a light before episode two. 1/10 


Galaxy Four - Why I am reviewing this story, I have no idea! I mean flipping heck I don’t even know what the Rills look like – although memories of the book suggest they look human. The chumblies are cleverly constructed and about as menacing as rice bubbles. The Dravins are women. They should, however, have been hotter and possibly topless. I think some of them were in Prisoner. The existing seven minutes tells us little about the story, except that long boring dialoguy scenes were still en vogue at the time. 3/10 

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