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The Psychiatrist SYNOPSIS: 

Sybil is enamored of the young, attractive and open shirted guest Mr. Johnson. Basil is not impressed and takes every opportunity to compare him to a neanderthal or a monkey. When Dr Abbott and his wife, also Dr Abbott, arrive Basil's insults become fawning over the Abbotts to Sybil's irritation. The fawning stops after dinner he finds out the male Dr Abbott is a psychiatrist. 

Basil avoids talking to Dr Abbott for fear of telling him anything about his and SYbil's sex life which he is convinced is what all psychiatrists are obsessed about. Sybil tries to console her nervous husband but he keeps misconstruing every question the Abbotts' ask him. Basil then flirts with an attractive Australian girl just arrived to Sybil's annoyance. 

While dealing with her Basil notices Mr. Johnson has sneaked an authorized female guest upstairs to his room. Basil is determined to expose the smart mouth Johnson but every time he attempts to get a look in Johnson's room whether by ordering him champagne or listening from the rooms next door he is exposed by the Abbott's or Johnson as trying to perve on the Australian Raylene which he tries to cover with feeble excuses. 

Manuel's explanation of Basil's behavior convinces Sybil Basil is trying something on with Raylene and locks him out of their bedroom. Her refusal to listen to his honest explanations causes Basil to tell his wife just what he thinks of her but he fails to expose smoothie Johnson's antics to his wife and crumples in humiliation at the feet of psychiatrist Dr Abbott.

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The Psychiatrist CAST & CREW:


Basil Fawlty: John Cleese 
Sybil Fawlty: Prunella Scales 
Manuel: Andrew Sachs 
Polly Sherman: Connie Booth 
Major Gowen: Ballard Berkeley
Terry: Brian Hall 
Miss Tibbs: Gilly Flower 
Miss Gatsby: Renee Roberts 

Guest Stars: 
Mr Johnson - Nicky Henson 
Dr Abbott - Basil Henson 
Mrs Abbott - Elspet Gray 
Raylene Miles - Luan Peters 
Mrs Johnson - Aimee Delamain 
Girlfriend - Imogen Bickford-Smith 

Production Staff: 

Writers - John Cleese & Connie Booth 
Director - Bob Spiers 
Producer - Douglas Argent 

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The Psychiatrist REVIEWS: 


The Psychiatrist is a tough one. In many ways it's a more polished version of A Touch of Class, dealing as it does with Basil's differing reactions to guests based on class or occupation. It mixes in elements of The Builders as well, expanding further on the Abrasive relationship between Basil and Sybil taking it one step further when he is innocent on this occasion and so finally doesn't hold back on telling his wife what he thinks of her. Something we've been waiting the whole series to see which of course backfires on him. And finally it blends in sex and the prudish overtones of Basil's character first looked at in the Wedding party. 

Thankfully there is a psychiatrist in the house to help deal with these exposed neuroses and it's unfortunate Basil doesn't trust them. When you think about it the Sybil is a bit hypocritical. She flirts with young Mr Johnson in front of Basil but gets peeved when he flirts with the sexy Australian girl who comes to visit. But enough psycho babble, you could analyze forever how these two got married. Suffice to say this episode has some laugh out loud moments but also has those "cringe worthy comedy" moments, that you just squirm at. Coming up with humour that would become Ricky Gervais staple in the Office 25 years later. 

I physically squirm at some of the moments in the Psychiatrist, like Basil being caught for the umpteenth time either in the young girl's room or closet or startling young Raylene believing her to be Johnson's girlfriend. Sybils tirade of stick insect would be well founded if he was trying to grope his guests, but she is right about one thing if Basil was a real man he would've told Sybil what Johnson was up to and then gone and confronted the guest straight away rather than trying to outwit his smarter guest. 

Man his feeble excuses were cringe worthy but funny none the less. But after the tour de force ensemble of all the characters doing something in Communication Problems this is a come down as most are pushed into the background and this becomes the Basil and Sybil show...ummm which I suppose it is. Then again it's the first episode in four to focus more on Basil and Sybil 

Still Nicky Henson gives a great amrt mouthed spiv turn as smarmy Mr. Johnson and Luan Peters simply glows as the sexy Australian girl Raylene Miles. Ok so her Aussie accent requires about a ten visit to Australia to be spot on but can forgive her as she's so hot! Mustn't forget Basil Henson's turn as the dower Psychiatrist of the title who thanks to Basil's behavior doesn't need to examine too closely to give a diagnosis. Tough to rate but because Luan Peters always sticks in the memory will give it 7/10

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